My name is Antina, I am a German, English speaking therapist with an independent private practice in Wiesbaden Bahnhofstrasse.

I offer counseling and therapy for couples and individuals who search for help and talk with someone who is uninvolved and with a different view on your relationship. The strengths I have are a deep understanding of intimacy issues. I am specialized in the field of sexual therapy and offer help with all kind of relationship problems, lovesickness, lack of communication and sexual problems.

My knowledge is based on my education at ALH, Private University of Applied Science. I am certified by the German Asscociation of Sexual Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung DGSF) in Berlin.
My services include rational emotive behavioral therapy as well as sexual therapy according to the concept of the Sexocorporel.

Developed in 1968 at the University of Québec in Montréal Canada, and now based on more than four decades of clinical and scientific investigations, the Sexocorporel is based on the inseparable unity of body and mind. This model permits the sexological evaluation of all components that interact in human sexuality. Based on this model, you can be provided with the abilities needed to improve your sexuality in those specific areas that cause you concern.

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For further information in English please call
+49 (0)151 22 620 424